Welcome to my blog posts. Initially, this site was dedicated solely to cybersecurity, information technology, and other technical-related topics. While I still have posts on these topics, I’ve also expanded to non-technology items that I hope other people may find helpful.

Adding LED Flashing Warning Lights to John Deere X500 Tractor
LED flashing lights
Adding Rear Lights to a John Deere X500
Adding Lights to a John Deere X500 and 44″ Snowblower
Using Digital Forensics to Solve Missing Person Cases
person looking out of a window
CorelDRAW and OneDrive Failing to Install on Mac OS
CorelDRAW installation successful screenshot
Cyberattacks and How To Protect Your Computer and Data – Part 3 of 3
Cyberattacks and How To Protect Your Computer and Data – Part 2 of 3
Connection not private example
Cyberattacks and How To Protect Your Computer and Data – Part 1 of 3
Cyber Kill Chain
The digital breadcrumbs in the Parkland, FL shooting: Were they followed?
Screenshot showing lookup of IP using Domain Dossier
Windows 10 Parental Control Settings
Screenshot of Windows 10 child settings
iOS 11 Parental Control Settings
Who Are You Allowing in Your House at Night?
Picture of a child with a cell phone
Cybersecurity Considerations with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Implementations
Word cloud for BYOD
Reducing Classified Spillage Incidents
Screenshot of Windows folder structure
Why Multifactor Authentication is so Important
Screenshot of Google Authenticator app
Sitting in the Hot Seat: OPM Director Answers Tough Questions about 2015 Breach
OPM Breach
Digital Forensics / Incident Response Forms, Policies, and Procedures
Screenshot of Chain of Custody Form
Disheveled Digital Forensics: The Impact of Inconsistent Standards, Certifications, and Accreditation
Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 8.56.40 PM
Protecting your Family Against Inappropriate Internet Content
Social Media
Using a SAN or NAS to Store Digital Evidence
How Digital Pictures and Videos can be a Threat to Privacy
Creating a Mobile Digital Forensics Laboratory
How to Prevent your Computer from Being Used by Cybercriminals
Domain vs. Local Accounts in the Windows Registry
Creating Screenshots and Recordings in Digital Forensic Investigations Using Free Mac Tools
Finding Deleted URLs in Mozilla Firefox places.sqlite File
Understanding Peer to Peer Investigations in Child Exploitation Cases
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